Electronic Key Cabinets
Organized electronic key cabinets with labeled key tags inside.

Enhanced Security with Electronic Key Cabinets​

Electronic key cabinets help to keep the keys secured within your facility. Rest assured that all keys are stored in a single, secure key box. No more worrying about them getting lost or scattered around, which poses a risk of unauthorised individuals owning them.

Choosing the Right Electronic Key Cabinets for Your Needs

Organisations vary in size and needs – that’s where you need to ensure that your electronic key cabinets can accommodate the number of keys within the facility.

uberGARD’s key cabinets are available in varying sizes, starting from 12 – 252 slots. With such flexibility, you can simply choose a key box cabinets with the number of slots that best suit your needs.

Another thing to consider when choosing a key box is by considering its security features. We have the electronic key box system with innovative face recognition, key tag readers, and versatile card access readers, and the LITE ones with reduced features encompassing 7” touchscreen and standard Mifare card access readers.

Take A Look at uberGARD’s Electronic Key Cabinets

The Advantages of Our Electronic Key Cabinets

Electronic Key Cabinets

Our electronic key cabinets enable organisations to store all keys within their facilities in one place. This simplifies key management, minimising the risk of lost or stolen keys.

Enhanced Security

Equipped with versatile card access readers and biometric authentication, our electronic key cabinets provide robust security measures against spoof attempts. Only authorised users can access the key box cabinet, optimally reducing the risk of unauthorised entry or theft.

Encourage Accountability

Provided with key tags, authorised users can assess whether the keys have been returned to the key cabinet. This further encourages accountability among key users, ensuring that all keys are returned to the allocated slots.

Our Electronic Key Cabinets Features

Our Electronic Key Cabinets come in two variants, the mainstream and LITE versions. Each boasts different features that meet the unique organisation’s requirements.

  • Available in 12 – 252 slots
  • 7” Colour Touchscreen
  • Access Card Reader and Biometric Access Control
  • Key Tag Return Reader
  • Built-in Colour Camera
  • UID + PIN Access
  • LAN Port
  • (Optional) 4G GSM Modem
  • (Optional) WiFi Router
  • Available in 24 slots
  • Built-in 7” Colour Touchscreen
  • Mifare or  Card Access Reader
  • UID + PIN Access


The supported access control is determined by the electronic key cabinet’s type. The mainstream version comes with versatile access card readers and biometric authentication. While the LITE version only supports Mifare card readers.

Our electronic key box system runs on a robust Linux Operating System with HTTP or HTTPS for encrypting data transmission over the web and a database for storing key-related information.

Leasing arrangements may be assessed on a case-to-case basis. Please reach out to sales@ubergard.com us at or call us at +65 6749 9578.

Hear From Our Delighted Users

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“I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your engineering staff. The awarded Electronic Key Management to your company was successfully implemented within schedule in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1,2 and 3 and users’ database were seamlessly migrated from previous system. On behalf of our organisation, we would like to say thank you for your support and more for future cooperation.”
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“It has been a wonderful service experience for us with your KLISS and now iKLAS. Once again, thank you and we look forward to have this service excellence in years to come.”
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“I would like to thank you personally for your ongoing support and commitment. The report enhancements alone far exceed our capabilities with our existing systems here.”


Elevate your key management and bolster overall security with uberGARD’s electronic key cabinets – Flexible, Customisable, and Expertly Supported.

Mifare or HID onlyAlpha-Numeric Password Format ONLYUser Manangement (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Support UID + PIN AccessUser Change Own PasswordKey Management (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Built-in 7" Colour TouchscreenSupport PIN AuthenticationKey Movement Transaction Record View
Key Search (Authorised Keys Only - Full FunctionKey Movement Transaction Record Esport via USB Port (PDF/EXCEL)
2-Factor Authentication
Maximum 1,000 Users
List of Keys
Read Card ONLY
iKLAS EKMS ModelNumber of KeysWidth HeightDepth Weight
iKLAS-G3-2412, 18, 24, 30430 mm510 mm180 mm12 kg
iKLAS-G3-4836, 42, 48, 54430 mm750 mm180 mm16 kg
iKLAS-G3-6660, 66, 72 630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G3-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G3-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G3-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G3 Key Master165 mm375 mm 120 mm
iKLAS-G3-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm 1600 mm 280 mm115 kg
G3 Key Master165 mm375 mm120 mm
iKLAS-G5-2412,18,24,30440 mm540 mm180 mm23 kg
iKLAS-G5-4836, 42, 48, 54440 mm784 mm180 mm31 kg
iKLAS-G5-6660, 66, 72630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G5-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G5-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G5-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm 1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm
iKLAS-G5-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm1600 mm 280 mm115 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm115 kg