About iKLAS

Intelligent Key Lock Application System (iKLAS), is a solution that helps businesses manage and monitor keys within their organisations. 

It offers extensive key management capabilities, accommodating storage capacities of 12 to 252 keys within a single AIO (All-in-One) cabinet. Access is securely controlled, allowing only authorised individuals to use keys through card access or biometric authentication.


  • Introducing our flagship iKLAS mainstream KMS series. Engineered for top-tier security and convenience, it boasts a sleek 7” Colour Touchscreen Interface coupled with a high-resolution Colour Camera for user footage. Select from our versatile card access reader or cutting-edge biometric access control options, seamlessly compatible with our acclaimed GEN-3
  • Discover unparalleled innovation with our latest GEN-5 iKLAS, surpassing expectations with Face-Recognition capability for enhanced security. Its intuitive Touchscreen Interface incorporates a colour camera, card reader, key-tag reader, and an QR code reader, ensuring comprehensive access control solutions all on one panel.
  • Tailored to your exact specifications, our system offers unmatched flexibility and customisation. With cabinets available in 7 standard sizes – 24, 48, 66, 96, 132, 192, and 252 slots – you have the freedom to select the perfect fit for your key inventory needs.
iKLAS RFID Mainstream KMS Model E-24, E-48, E-66, E-84, E-132, E-192, E-252
  • Introducing iKLAS LITE EKMS, our streamlined version with reduced features, featuring a 7” Touchscreen and standard Mifare Card Access Reader.
  • Only available in 24-key.
iKLAS LITE EKMS 24 Keys - 7” Touchscreen and standard Mifare Card Access Reader


Centralised Control Management Sustem Hub Log-in Page
Centralised Control Management Sustem Hub Admin Log-in Page
  • Both CCMS-HUB-Standard and CCMS-HUB-Pro are perpetual licenses that offer a unified management platform for multiple key systems when installed on a server.
  • CCMS-HUB-Standard supports up to 4 iKLAS key systems.
  • CCMS-HUB-Pro supports up to 64 iKLAS key systems.
  • They run on the Windows Operating System and leverage SQL (Structured Query Language) database, .NET Platform, and MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queue) Technology.
  • Provides centralised management of keys, users, and information within a single platform.


  • Benefit 1: CCMS-HUB simplifies third-party iSMS integration by leveraging the iKLAS REST-API module.
  • Benefit 2: CCMS-HUB offers a unified management platform for multiple key systems.
  • Benefit 3: CCMS-HUB facilitates central planning, intelligent monitoring, efficient operation, and maintenance.


  • The iKLAS embedded Key Management Software provides highly secured hierarchical account access with the following levels:
    • Super Admin (1)
    • Senior Admin (2)
    • Admin (10)
    • User (5000)
  • Account rights are highly configurable and compliant with IT’s password policy criteria.
  • The iKLAS embedded Key Management Software is built on the Linux OS, ensuring robustness. It is accessible via both HTTP and HTTPS, allowing for remote configuration and monitoring of iKLAS key systems over a private LAN.
iKLAS Embedded Key Management Software
iKLAS Embedded Key Management Software Demo Test Unit Login


  • Benefit 1: Designed for simplicity of use, the user-friendly design of the Key Management Software allows administrators and users to manage access control confidently and effortlessly.
  • Benefit 2: The flexibility in remote configuration and monitoring saves valuable operation time.
  • Third-party iSMS integration streamlines automated processes seamlessly, reduces resource requirements, and enhances security through centralised information management.
  • The iKLAS CCMS-HUB utilises a RestAPI for seamless integration with existing access control systems, including HR systems and other third-party platforms.
  • With the integration of HR or Access Control Systems, users can effortlessly manage and populate data from the existing database.
  • The iKLAS CCMS-HUB ensures full control of your valuable assets through real-time monitoring and alerting of abnormal transactions. Its ability to integrate with third-party platforms enables efficient and optimal operational processes.
Hand of man integrating third-party API with REST-API customization. Expertise in Third-Party Integration (REST-API Customization
Professional manages and controls robotics via tablet software, AI-driven automation in smart factory. Futuristic tech on blue digital backdrop.


  • Benefit 1: Improved productivity is achieved by reducing administrative resources, ensuring complete data integrity, and enabling data synchronisation with no redundancy.
  • Benefit 2: Comprehensive reports with centralised transaction records, coupled with a single platform, reduce duplicate system workflows, resulting in a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution.


  • iKLAS supports numerous access card types.  Examples are Mifare, Desfire-EV1, Desfire-EV2, HID-iCLASS, HID-Prox, HID Multi-CLASS, CEPAS (EZLINK), EM-Proximity, SSID, CEPAS, PS21, ROAMS-SSID, etc.
  • The 7″ Colour Touchscreen of the latest iKLAS GEN-5 incorporates a colour camera, card reader, key-tag reader, and (optional) QR code reader, providing all-encompassing access control solutions within a single panel.

The iKLAS GEN-5 Touchscreen boasts a wide array of features. Top Icons:


  • Input UID > Provides an alphanumeric keypad for users to enter their user ID.
  • Multi Access > Provides 2 or 3-user authentication for the withdrawal of critical keys.
  • Read Card > Provides administrators/users with the convenience of reading card IDs, especially when a lost card is found.
  • View Status > Provides administrators with a one-glance overview of all key statuses. Administrators can easily access user withdrawal details, including the time of key withdrawal, user cell phone contact, and key expiry info.
  • User Info > Allows users to change their PIN and view which keys they are authorised to withdraw, as well as their key status.

The iKLAS GEN-5 Touchscreen boasts a wide array of features. Bottom Icons

  • Admin Setting > Allows administrators to:
    • Carry out system management.
    • View/export transaction records with photo footage.
    • Manage user profiles (add/edit/delete).
  • Forget Card > Allows users, once a month, to access the key system without their access card in a 2FA setup.
  • Send OTP > Allows ad hoc users to access the key system via an OTP remotely issued by an administrator through an optional GSM modem.
  • Login Pin > Provides a numeric keypad for users to enter their PIN.
  • Facial Recognition (FR) > Allows for access via FR plus the convenient facial enrolment of users in the presence of an administrator.


iKLAS features advanced capabilities, such as biometric authentication (iKLAS mainstream) and a card access reader to secure access to the AIO cabinet. It also has customisable storage capacity, making it suitable for a wide range of key management needs.

The scalability of iKLAS is undeniable. Users have the flexibility to tailor their cabinets, offering sizes ranging from 12 to 252 keys. Should you require an upgrade in the future, you can seamlessly do it with iKLAS.

iKLAS implements extensive security measures by regulating access to keys based on hierarchical control levels. The control is also centralised, allowing real-time monitoring of users and keys through the embedded management software or optional CCMS-HUB.

Hear From Our Delighted Users

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“I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the quality service provided by your engineering staff. The awarded Electronic Key Management to your company was successfully implemented within schedule in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1,2 and 3 and users’ database were seamlessly migrated from previous system. On behalf of our organisation, we would like to say thank you for your support and more for future cooperation.”
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“It has been a wonderful service experience for us with your KLISS and now iKLAS. Once again, thank you and we look forward to have this service excellence in years to come.”
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“I would like to thank you personally for your ongoing support and commitment. The report enhancements alone far exceed our capabilities with our existing systems here.”


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iKLAS EKMS ModelNumber of KeysWidth HeightDepth Weight
iKLAS-G3-2412, 18, 24, 30430 mm510 mm180 mm12 kg
iKLAS-G3-4836, 42, 48, 54430 mm750 mm180 mm16 kg
iKLAS-G3-6660, 66, 72 630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G3-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G3-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G3-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G3 Key Master165 mm375 mm 120 mm
iKLAS-G3-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm 1600 mm 280 mm115 kg
G3 Key Master165 mm375 mm120 mm
iKLAS-G5-2412,18,24,30440 mm540 mm180 mm23 kg
iKLAS-G5-4836, 42, 48, 54440 mm784 mm180 mm31 kg
iKLAS-G5-6660, 66, 72630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G5-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G5-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G5-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm 1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm
iKLAS-G5-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm1600 mm 280 mm115 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm115 kg
Mifare or HID onlyAlpha-Numeric Password Format ONLYUser Manangement (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Support UID + PIN AccessUser Change Own PasswordKey Management (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Built-in 7" Colour TouchscreenSupport PIN AuthenticationKey Movement Transaction Record View
Key Search (Authorised Keys Only - Full FunctionKey Movement Transaction Record Esport via USB Port (PDF/EXCEL)
2-Factor Authentication
Maximum 1,000 Users
List of Keys
Read Card ONLY