Comprehensive Guide to Sensitive Asset Management: Safeguarding Your Valuables

Sensitive Asset Management

Sensitive assets are crucial for organisational security and integrity, yet defining them can be complex. From classified data to network systems, each asset requires specialised protection. In this guide, we delve into ten essential tips to effectively safeguard sensitive assets, leveraging technology and robust management practices to mitigate risks and ensure peace of mind.

Defining Sensitive Assets

The loss or theft of sensitive assets can have devastating consequences. “Sensitive” typically refers to information and data that require special protective measures for various reasons:

·         Classified data susceptible to attackers, which could compromise military operations or criminal investigations.

·         Commercial or operational information vulnerable to misuse by hostile intruders, threatening business security.

·         Commercially sensitive data, such as personal and financial information, necessitating protection to uphold customer privacy and financial security.

·         Network systems and vital services susceptible to cyberattacks, potentially disrupting business operations and leading to significant financial losses.

Top 10 Tips for Protecting Sensitive Assets

1.    Comprehensive Auditing: Identify weaknesses in asset management and security systems to understand risks and improve organisational resilience.

2.    Mitigating Accidental Loss: Implement intelligent key cabinets to track asset usage, enhancing accountability and promoting responsible behaviour among employees.

3.    Emergency Asset Abandonment: Employ systems that allow tracking of assets, enabling swift recovery during emergency situations where assets are abandoned.

4.    Preventing Hijack and Theft: Utilise tracking software to protect assets and personnel from hijacking or theft, particularly critical in law enforcement and military scenarios.

5.    Addressing Internal Threats: Implement intelligent key cabinets to monitor asset usage and identify potential insider threats.

6.    Physical Protection: Enhance security with robust key cabinets to complement security personnel efforts, providing an extra layer of protection.

7.    Digital Security: Employ lockers and key cabinets with multiple access methods to prevent unauthorised digital access and reduce human errors.

8.    Remote Security: Utilise intelligent key cabinets and software for remote asset management and control, ensuring peace of mind even when off-site.

9.    Transit Management: Implement sophisticated software to manage assets during transit and facilitate seamless transfer of ownership.

10. Data-Driven Training: Utilise intelligent key cabinet software to identify training needs and reinforce workplace security culture.

Technology in Sensitive Asset Management

Technology plays a pivotal role in transforming sensitive asset management, offering solutions to address evolving industry demands while ensuring compliance and safety. Advanced systems can predict risks, optimise processes, and provide detailed audit trails to identify weaknesses.

Avoid Complacency

The loss of sensitive assets can incur significant costs and impact various aspects of life, including finances, safety, and well-being. Industries dealing with sensitive assets, such as law enforcement, military, healthcare, and customer-facing businesses, require meticulous management and continuous review to adapt to evolving demands.

Upgrading Sensitive Asset Management

Upgrading your sensitive asset management to protect your valuables requires a comprehensive approach, including mitigating accidental loss, internal threats, digital security risks, and more.

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Mifare or HID onlyAlpha-Numeric Password Format ONLYUser Manangement (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Support UID + PIN AccessUser Change Own PasswordKey Management (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Built-in 7" Colour TouchscreenSupport PIN AuthenticationKey Movement Transaction Record View
Key Search (Authorised Keys Only - Full FunctionKey Movement Transaction Record Esport via USB Port (PDF/EXCEL)
2-Factor Authentication
Maximum 1,000 Users
List of Keys
Read Card ONLY
iKLAS EKMS ModelNumber of KeysWidth HeightDepth Weight
iKLAS-G3-2412, 18, 24, 30430 mm510 mm180 mm12 kg
iKLAS-G3-4836, 42, 48, 54430 mm750 mm180 mm16 kg
iKLAS-G3-6660, 66, 72 630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G3-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G3-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G3-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G3 Key Master165 mm375 mm 120 mm
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iKLAS-G5-6660, 66, 72630 mm855 mm220 mm53 kg
iKLAS-G5-9684, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm60 kg
iKLAS-G5-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm65 kg
iKLAS-G5-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm 1300 mm280 mm92 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm
iKLAS-G5-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm1600 mm 280 mm115 kg
G5 Key Master200 mm270 mm70 mm115 kg