Key Management System – iKLAS ELITE

iKLAS RFID ELITE Key Management System

iKLAS EKMS ModelNumber of KeysWidth HeightDepth Weight
ELITE E-2412, 18, 24, 30430 mm510 mm180 mm12 kg
ELITE E-4836, 42, 48, 54430 mm750 mm180 mm16 kg
ELITE E-6660, 66, 72 630 mm855 mm220 mm20 kg
ELITE E-8484, 96, 108880 mm685 mm220 mm35 kg
ELITE E-132120, 132, 144900 mm855 mm220 mm50 kg
ELITE E-192156, 168, 180, 192710 mm1300 mm280 mm75 kg
ELITE E-252204, 216, 228, 252710 mm 1600 mm 280 mm85 kg


iKLAS RFID ELITE – Technical Specifications

Full Features

Built-in Colour CameraUser ID (UID) Alpha-Numeric Password Format User Manangement (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Access Card Reader & Bio Access ControlUser Change Own PasswordKey Management (ADD/EDIT/DELETE)
Support UID + PIN AccessSupport PIN AuthenticationKey Movement Transaction Record View
Auto Key Tag Return ReaderKey Search (Authorised Keys Only)Key Movement Transaction Record Esport via USB Port (PDF/EXCEL)
7" Colour Touchscreen InterfaceKey Track of the "PURPOSE" of Key Being Drawn
LAN Port2-Factor Authentication
4G GSM Modem as OptionMulti-Access (Escort Key access)
WIFI Router as OptionInterlock Key Group
Critical Key
Maximum User - 5,000 Users
Key Status
Change PIN
List of My Key - Full Access
Read Card and Key Name
One-Time-Password (Adhoc Users)
Forget Card (Once-a-month)