Third-Party Integration (REST-API Customisation)

Third-Party Integration (REST-API Customisation)
INTEGRATION provides seamlessly automated processes, reduces resources, and enhances security with central information management
iKLAS Central Control Management System’s integration driver offers a detailed Application Interface Protocol (API) for integrating with existing access control systems, such as HR systems and third-party platforms.
With the integration of HR or Access Control Systems, users can easily manage and populate data from the existing database. All data records are able to track alarms, and events’ transactions will be synchronized providing users with comprehensive reports to meet the requirements of internal and external audits.
iKLAS Central Control Management System always offers full control of your valuable assets with real-time monitoring and alerting of abnormal transactions. The capability of integrating with third-party platforms provides an efficient and optimal operational process.


Benefits of iKLAS integration with third-party platforms
Improved productivity by reducing administration resources
Complete data integrity with data synchronisation, no redundancy
Comprehensive reports with centralized transaction records
A single platform with automated processes reduces duplicate system workflows
Cost-effectiveness – ease of maintenance


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